How to use Akkadu

1. Login, create and generate QR code
Connect laptop to audio equipment and stable internet
Show the QR code to the audience

1. Login, create and generate QR code:

a) Visit
b) Login with your Akkadu account or signup with a new account

DashboardIn the Dashboard click:
c) Create button (1) and follow the steps to create your event
d) Upload Presentations button (3) to share events' presentations with interpreters

e) Stream Event button (4) to open the streaming page (below image👇) where your QR code will be automatically generated

Streaming page

How to check the appearance of the audience page
How to test everything works fine

[email protected]

Betty: +86 13601385215 (Chinese)
Alvaro: +86 13811437206 (English/Spanish)


1. 登陆账户,创建活动并生成二维码
2. 连接笔记本电脑至音频设备及稳定网络
3. 向观众展示二维码

1. 登陆账户,创建活动并生成二维码:

a) 访问
b) 登陆您的Akkadu账户,若无账户请注册并登陆


操作页面 点击:
c) Create 按键 (1) 并按指示步骤创建您的活动
d) Upload Presentations 按键 (3) 上传同传译员需要提前浏览的演示材料
e) Stream Event 按键 (4) 打开直播页面 (如下图👇) ,可以看到自动生成的二维码



[email protected]

Betty: +86 13601385215 (中文)
Alvaro: +86 13811437206 (英文/西班牙语)

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