How to use Akkadu

1. Login, create and generate QR code
2. Connect laptop to audio equipment and stable internet
3. Show the QR code to the audience

2. Connect laptop to audio equipment and stable internet

This step can be provided by Akkadu's on-site support team (by request)

a) Connect the laptop to the audio equipment:

In order to collect the high quality microphones' audio of your event, connect your laptop to the mixer table. We recommend you use an XLR-USB cable + XLR-6.5mm adapter:

XLR-USB cable
(Taobao link , Amazon link

XLR-6.5mm adapter (optional)
(Taobao link , Amazon link)

What if my event/meeting doesn't have a mixer table?

b) Connect the laptop to the Internet:

Use an Ethernet cable (connection more stable than WiFi) with a bandwidth of at least 10Mbps downstream, 10 Mbps upstream.

[email protected]

Betty: +86 13601385215 (中文)
Alvaro: +86 13811437206 (English/Spanish)


1. 登陆账户,创建活动,生成二维码
2. 连接电脑和音频设备及稳定网络
3. 向观众展示二维码

2. 连接电脑和音频设备及稳定网络


a) 连接电脑和音频设备:




b) 连接电脑和网络:


[email protected]

Betty: +86 13601385215 (中文)
梦龙: +86 13811437206 (英文/西班牙语)

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