How to test everything works fine?

In the Streaming page:

h) click Start button (1)
i) talk through your laptop's microphone and confirm the green bar is moving (2), meaning you are streaming audio

In the Audience page:

j) click Stream button and listen if can hear the streamed audio

If the audio you listen on your mobile phone is the same as the one you are talking into your laptop it means everything is working fine! Interpreters also will listen same audio. 

Notice in a real event in order to stream high quality audio to the interpreters the laptop is connected to the audio equipment. Check here to learn more.

[email protected]

Betty: +86 13601385215 (Chinese)
Alvaro: +86 13811437206 (English/Spanish)




h) 请点击“开始”按键 (1) 
i) 请对着您电脑的麦克风说话,并且确定电脑上是有个绿色的条纹在抖动(2),这意味着您的音频正在输出 


j) 请点击直播按键,并且确定自己是否能够听到直播音频



[email protected]

Betty: +86 13601385215 (中文)
Alvaro: +86 13811437206 (英文/西班牙语)

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