# Pricing

In this page you can see the prices for using Akkadu Platform or building Your Own Platform:

  1. Akkadu Platform pricing
  2. Your Own Platform pricing

# Akkadu Platform

These are the Hourly & Daily prices for using Akkadu platform. If you need Akkadu tech support, interpreters or captioners, please contact us at contact@akkadu-team.com or book a meetingopen in new window with our team.

Audience limit*InterpretationInterpretation + AI SubtitlesInterpretation + Human CaptionsAI Subtitles
Contact us at contact@akkadu-team.com or book a meeting with our team

*: The number of devices at the same time can access Akkadu solutions.

**: One day equals to 24 hours.

***: Unlimited audience, free for up to 10 minutes.


  • White label: +$100 / hour
  • Audio recordings*: +$5 / hour
  • Subtitles transcripts*: +$2 / hour

*including all languages.

# Your Own Platform

These are the fees to build your own platform with your own domain and brand.

  1. Audience Page development fee
  2. Other Pages development fee (optional)
  3. Usage & Maintenance fee

# Audience Page development fee

The audience page is the page used by the audience to access the:

  1. Remote Simultaneous interpretation
  2. Live Captioning
  3. AI Subtitles

The development fee is a one-time fee that depends on:

  • the solutions you want on the page (You can add more solutions later)
  • the platform you want us to build it for: Web, Android & iOS, WeChat mini-program or, Browser Extension.
SolutionsWebAndroid & iOSWeChatExtensionWindows & Mac
Remote Simultaneous Interpretation$5000$5000$5000$5000$5000
Interpretation + Live Captioning$5000$5000$5000$5000$5000
Interpretation + AI Subtitles$5000$5000$5000$5000$5000
AI Subtitles$5000$5000$5000$5000$5000

Example of an Audience Page:

# Other Pages development fee (optional)

These are the pages used by your team, the interpreters and the transcribers.

Other PagesPrice
Interpreters console$5000
Transcribers console$5000
Streaming console$5000

*Including 3 subpages. For example:

- Homepage: rsistar.comopen in new window
- Subpage1: rsistar.com/urlopen in new window
- Subpage2: rsistar.com/qropen in new window
- Subpage3: rsistar.com/appopen in new window

# Usage & Maintenance fee

The usage fee is an hourly fee similar to Akkadu Platform price. Your balance will automatically deduct every time you use the platform.

The maintenance fee is an annual fee that ensures Akkadu team maintains and keeps up-to-date your platform:

MaintenanceWebAndroid & iOSWeChatExtensionOther Pages
Annual fee$2000$2000$2000$2000$2000

If you have any question please contact us at contact@akkadu-team.com or book a meetingopen in new window with our team.

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