# ⌨️ Transcribers

  1. What is Akkadu?
  2. Why transcribers ❤️ Akkadu?
  3. Tutorials

# What is Akkadu?

Akkadu is a cloud-based platform for Translation Agencies and Global Organizations to make live meetings & events multilingual by providing to the participants:

  • Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI)
  • RSI + AI Recognized Subtitles
  • RSI + Human Live Subtitles
  • AI Translated Subtitles

The participants can access to the translation solutions by using below Akkadu interfaces:

🔹 Web URL
🔹 Web QR Code
🔹 Android & iOS
🔹 WeChat mini-program
🔹 Browser Extension (compatible with any video conference platform 🚀)

# 💡Your Own Platform

At Akkadu we can also build your own white-labeled interfaces (with your own domain) for: Web, Android & iOS, WeChat and Browser Extension.

# Why transcribers like Akkadu?

Akkadu is a very easy-to-use web platform containing all the necessary features to properly do real-time subtitling (live captioning) for events & meetings. It allows transcribers to:

  • Listen to the original audio source or the interpreters source
  • Correct typos during the live event or after the meeting
  • Download full transcription to make changes
  • Privately chat with the tech support
  • And much more!

With Akkadu platform transcribers have a bigger market to offer their real-time subtitling (live captioning) services. For example, can provide their services to:

  1. Translation Agencies for online, hybrid and on-site scenarios
  2. Virtual Platorms through Akkadu APIopen in new window
  3. Own direct clients

# Tutorials

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