# 🎧 Interpreters

Akkadu is a cloud-based remote interpreting platform allowing interpreters to interpret for:

  1. Language Service Providers in online, hybrid and on-site scenarios
  2. Virtual Platorms through Akkadu API
  3. Own direct clients

# How to interpret in Akkadu?

Please watch our video tutorial

# How can I use Akkadu with my own clients?

There are two ways:

  1. Open your client's video coferencig platform (preferebly in a second device) and Akkadu at the same time. While you watch and listen to floor in the original video-conferencing platorm you will interpret in Akkadu, where you will be able to:
  • Change Turn
  • Listen to Partner
  • Chat with your Partner
  1. Use one device to open original video-conferencing platform and Akkadu streaming page, you will use this device only to loop the video-conferencing original Video & Audio into Akkadu so you and your partner, in your respective laptops, can use Akkadu to watch & listen to Floor and do the interpretation.

# How much cost Akkadu if I want to use it for my own clients?

Akkadu price is the same for everyone. Please check our pricing & packages and the different benefits you can get.

# When to use Akkadu for my own clients?

Akkadu is not a video-conferencing platform so it is ideal when your client is using a video-conferencing platform without an interpreting feature. You just have to give your client your Akkadu room's link (or QR code) so they can listen to your interpretation.

Last Updated: 6/19/2021, 8:36:24 AM