# How to transcribe in Akkadu

  1. Akkadu account
  2. Transcriber console

# Akkadu account

Use Chrome browser to:

  1. Signup in www.akkadu.comopen in new window as a transcriber:


⚠️ Select you are a Transcriber:

  1. Enter your dashboard, find your event, and click Transcribe:


# Transcriber Console

Below is the transcriber console which you can access after you click any transcribe button in your dashboard:


1️⃣ Start button:

  • After you click Start anything you type in the live panel will be shown in the audience page

2️⃣ Language volume control:

  • Use the language volumen control to regulate the volumen of the audio
  • You don't have to worry about the speakers changing the language, the system always will send you the right language, whether is coming from the original source (floor) or the interpreters.

3️⃣ Live panel:

  • Anything you type here will be shown in the audience page:
    • For latin languages such as English, Spanish, etc. the words will show after you press SPACE, Enter or punctuation symbols such as . ? ! etc.
    • For asian languages such as Chinese, Korean, etc. the words will show after every character you type.
  • Everything you type will be saved and can be downloaded from your dashboard or the agency dashboard.

4️⃣ Chat:

  • Use the Chat to communicate with the tech support
Last Updated: 5/4/2022, 6:15:50 AM